Excellence in every repair. We maintain the health of your vehicle.

We understand that good mechanical service is key to ensuring the performance and safety of your car. Our team of expert mechanics is equipped with the most advanced technology and extensive knowledge of automotive mechanics to provide exceptional service.

Our mechanical services include:

  • Comprehensive diagnosis and troubleshooting: Precise identification of issues and effective repairs using high-quality components to ensure the durability and optimal performance of the vehicle.
  • Preventive maintenance and tune-up: Regular inspection and maintenance to prevent failures and extend the life of the car. This includes oil changes, filters, brake inspections, and more. This includes oil changes, filters, brake inspections, and more.
  • Fuel injection and engine system: Specialization in the repair and maintenance of injection systems in both gasoline and diesel vehicles, as well as comprehensive engine repairs.
  • Braking and suspension systems: Inspection and repair of brakes and shock absorbers to ensure maximum safety while driving.
  • Air conditioning system repair: Maintenance and repair of air conditioning systems to ensure your comfort at all times.
  • Vehicle electronics and electrical systems: Diagnostics and repairs related to car electronics, ranging from the starting system to advanced electronics.

Our commitment to quality and service

At Josep Barberá, we not only focus on solving your vehicle’s current problems but also on preventing future issues. Our goal is to ensure that every customer leaves with their car in the best condition, providing transparent, efficient, and trustworthy service.


Diagnosis and repair