A/C System

For just €77*, tune up your air conditioning or climate control system. *VAT included.

Comprehensive maintenance and repair of vehicle climate control systems. We focus on improving indoor air quality and ensuring thermal comfort for the driver and passengers. This includes system inspection, recharging, and disinfection and cleaning of key components.


Superior air quality and year-round comfort

Ensure your vehicle’s climate control system is in perfect working order with our complete service. For just €77 (VAT not included, price may vary by model), our Climate Control Pack includes:
  • Climate control circuit inspection: We check the condition and operation of the entire system.
  • Circuit gas recycling: Committed to the environment, we recycle the gas from the climate control system.
  • Circuit tightness and vacuum test: We check for tightness and remove impurities and moisture to prevent future issues.
  • Addition of oil for optimal operation: We add the necessary oil to ensure lubrication and system efficiency.
  • Greenhouse gas tax management and settlement in accordance with section 1.8.

Purification and deep cleaning

With our pack, we not only maintain your climate control system but also improve the air quality you breathe inside the vehicle:
  • Pollen filter inspection: We ensure that the air entering your car is free of allergens and particles.
  • Cabin evaporator disinfection: We eliminate bacteria and bad odors, preventing the accumulation of microorganisms.
  • Condenser cleaning: We keep the condenser free of dirt and obstructions for efficient cooling.

Comfort and efficiency