Full car wash

Your vehicle shining with our professional car wash tunnel

Long-lasting shine with cutting-edge technology

At Josep Barbera Talleres, we know that cleaning your vehicle is as important as its mechanical maintenance. That’s why we have our own car wash equipped with a state-of-the-art wash tunnel, located just a few meters from our main workshop, to ensure a comprehensive and quality service.

Complete and professional car wash for your vehicle

  • Automated comprehensive wash: With our wash tunnel, your car will receive a complete treatment including washing, rinsing, and precisely applied waxes.
  • Efficient drying: our drying system removes excess water to prevent spots and provide a flawless finish.
  • Attention to detail: we ensure that every corner of your vehicle is clean, from the tires to the windows.

Care and maintenance at our car wash

Cleaning services that extend the life of your car.

Taking care of your car goes beyond mechanical maintenance. With our car wash service, we extend the lifespan of your vehicle by keeping its exterior and interior in perfect condition

  • Protection treatments: we apply high-quality products that protect the paint and shine of your vehicle.
  • Interior cleaning: options available for interior cleaning, ensuring that your car feels fresh and clean inside and out.

Convenience and accessibility

An unparalleled cleaning experience, close to you.

Our car wash is conveniently located just a few meters from the main workshop, allowing you to enjoy a cleaning service as an added value

  • Strategic location: Easy access to the car wash for customers receiving service at our workshop.
  • Comprehensive service: When bringing your car for maintenance or repair, choose a complete wash for a comprehensive experience.
  • Guaranteed quality: Trust that your vehicle will be in the hands of professionals dedicated to making it look its best.

In-house car wash