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Efficient and complete preparation for the ITV (Technical Vehicle Inspection). If you prefer, we can also handle it for you.

At Josep Barberá, we not only prepare your car for the Technical Vehicle Inspection (ITV), but we also take care of passing the ITV for you. Our PREITV service includes a thorough review of your vehicle and comprehensive management of the inspection, making the whole process convenient and worry-free for you.


What does our PREITV service include?

  1. Safety check: We check brakes, shock absorbers, tires, and safety systems.
  2. Emissions control: We ensure that your car complies with environmental standards.
  3. Electronic diagnosis: Cutting-edge technology to detect any anomalies.
  4. Visual inspection: We review the bodywork, lights, and signaling.
  5. ITV management: We take your car to the ITV, ensuring it passes without any issues.

Comprehensive and custom service

We have a team of qualified experts who will ensure that your vehicle is in perfect condition to pass the ITV. Moreover, we manage the entire inspection process for you, from scheduling the appointment to presenting the vehicle, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

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